Psychological Assessment

Assessment can be a valuable option for determining mental health diagnoses when clinical interviews alone fail to provide such insight or when treatment has been unsuccessful. Testing and assessment is a specialized area that few professionals are qualified to conduct. Psychological testing provides an objective means of assessing behavior, cognitive abilities, and personality. I provide individual psychological tests as well as full-battery assessments and offer a full report on my findings. I provide this service to individuals of all ages. Examples of assessment include: autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, IQ and memory, mood/behavioral, and personality. I can provide basic screenings for learning disabilities and ADHD, but I am not currently set up to provide in-depth assessments in these areas (soon to come!).

Parent Consultations

Sometimes we, as parents, just need advice on everyday concerns without recurrent therapy appointments. I will sit down with you and listen to your observations to help create a plan of what might be the best way to intervene. Most of the time this includes offering ideas on local resources. A plan is often the best and quickest way of reducing our own anxiety and helping to create focus.



As we all know, adolescence can be a very challenging period of transition in our lives. It is a time of both confusion and discovery. Teenagers are stuck in an awkward position of taking on their newfound independence and social self, yet still exploring their identity and how they fit in the world.

My work with teenagers involves giving them a voice and teaching them to embrace their individuality. My youth and life experience allows me to form strong connections with teens, especially adolescent girls. Many teens have told me that therapy is the only place they feel safe enough to engage in self-exploration without the influence or judgment of others. I enjoy working with this age group and all of the accompanying developmental milestones, particularly the identity formation process.

Young Adults

Early adulthood presents a unique set of circumstances that can be both exciting and anxiety provoking simultaneously. This is a time filled with many transitions: moving out, starting college or careers, changing relationships, individuation from parents, and starting a family of your own. I can walk with you through these changes to help lighten the burden.