About Me


I earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wright State University in Dayton,Ohio. During my undergraduate years I began to develop my skills and passion for helping others. I experienced a great amount of loss in my life at that time, and learned about the grieving process first hand.

After applying to several graduate programs, I decided to pick up and move across the country to an entirely new culture (for those of you who haven’t been to the Midwest, it is very different!). I earned a Master’s and a Doctorate degree at Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology. CSPP educates most of the Psychologists in the state of California. While earning my PsyD I chose to specialize in Infant/Preschool Mental Health because of its focus on early attachment and received the IPMH graduate certificate.

In addition to formalized graduate education I have specific training in play therapy. I am a Registered Play Therapist through the Association for Play Therapy. I strongly believe in the power of play and continue to be encouraged by the strides kids and parents are able to make with this intervention style.

Therapeutic Orientation

I do not feel that one approach or intervention works with every person; that perspective takes away from our uniqueness and personal experiences. I do find that our early relationships often shape our world view and can sometimes lead to unhealthy lifestyle patterns. I employ an integrated, prescriptive approach that is tailored to the person seeking treatment. This usually involves incorporating evidence based interventions and best practice guidelines. As part of my licensure and play therapist status, I remain updated on emerging literature regarding effective treatment interventions.

Clinical & Testing Experience

I have been working with individuals, families, and groups for several years. I have experience in county mental health working with the underserved, and I also worked for UC Davis with staff, faculty, and their family members. Most of my experience has been in the private sector, where I have worked with people both therapeutically and by doing testing.

My experience has been with adults and children alike. I have worked with clients who suffer from a myriad of presenting problems including transition/adjustment-related stress, trauma, mood symptoms, anxiety, autism, ADHD, bereavement, behavioral symptoms, and disruptions in self-image.