Providing Quality Psychological Services in the Davis, CA area


If you are looking to better understand yourself and your behavior (or that of your child), I may be able to help. I offer psychological assessment to assist in determining the core components of mental health problems, personality, IQ, and other issues. Often times psychiatrists and other local therapists refer their clients to me when they need diagnostic clarification to assist in treatment planning. Moreover, many people come to me out of personal curiosity about their psychological functioning.

If you are seeking support in addressing emotional or behavioral concerns for yourself or your child, I have limited availability for individual therapy. I specialize in working with with children, teens, and young adults. Additionally, I offer short-term parenting consultations for those in need.

I understand that self-exploration can be a difficult and uncomfortable decision. My goal is to create a safe and protected environment for my clients. I have provided information on this website to assist you in learning about me. You are also welcome to call or e-mail me with specific questions.